No Happinez any time

A new flyer i made for a show i am having August 9th. I run a DIY art/music space called The Office, Kristy Fenton is showing photography ALERT KBN is doing an installation piece on our wall and i will be showing paintings. As well as some really amazing Denver bands playing music.


Hi Ron

How are you Ron? Are you still alive? Did your dog die yet? I knew he was unheathy.

New painting 07/07

Its 1:23 p.m

maybe i's should put a shirt on and leave the house. Finishing up the "R" painting. Went to Limited Adiction yesterday seen the Bwana Spoon and Reuben Rude show. Pretty tite. Bwana Spoon's shit is amazing. Got inspired got stoned, and spilled my water and brushes all over the flooor.


And MORE photos from Chicago

This fisheye is all i've been shooting with lately...