3 new collages.

New Video i made for Modern Witch.

This is the last song we recorded before Kristy Foom moved to the Netherlands. It's called In Your Eyes, and it is in my opinion one of our best songs.

Cafe Royal 5 out now!

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Pica Pica. Belgium. picapica.be
Chris Seddon. UK. cseddon.co.uk
Esther Pearl Watson. USA. estherwatson.com
Robin Cameron. USA. rocamm.com
Andreas Banderas. Norway. andreasbanderas.com
Hollis Brown Thornton. USA. hollisbrownthornton.com
David Mackintosh. UK. davidmackintosh.com
Tucker Nichols. USA. tuckernichols.com
Mario Zoots. USA. mariozoots.blogspot.com
Beni Bischof. Switzerland. benibischof.ch
Shawn Eisenach. USA. wholewheattoast.com
Stephen Marshall. UK. stephenmarshall.blogspot.com
Peter Sutherland. USA. petersutherland.net
Mark Ilott. UK. drawingandimagemaking.com
Stephen Fowler. UK. stephenfowler.co.uk
Neal Fox. UK. nealfox.co.uk
Craig Atkinson. UK. craigatkinson.co.uk
180 pages, 16.83 cm x 26.03 cm
b/w numbered edition of 100
Sold with environmentally friendly, screen printed 10oz natural canvas Café Royal tote bag [edition of 200]