New work from this week.

i can see threw you.

love at first site

lllllick it like a llllllloli

what do you wait for?

I have an obsession with collecting paper. it's very apparent and the stacks of paper keep growing. i've been drinking more than normal lately. trainwreck in the lungs. thank you cb. leaving for tour in 3 days. excited and nervous, i have no idea what we are going to do. keep making collages, and making some money too.


Modern Witch tour 08

My band Modern Witch will be going on tour, here are the dates and cities.
Nov. 22nd @ Meow Wolf Santa Fe, NM.
Nov. 23rd @ Bike Saviours Tempe, AZ.
Nov. 25th @ Show Cave Los Angeles, CA.


New Design for Urban Outfitters

I was asked to create a piece of work for Urban Outfitters Artist Series Gift Card. I worked a collage that is mostly found paper that i cut into organic/ geometric shapes. Also Mario Hugo and Andreas Banderas are apart of this project. check it out at Urban Outfitters site.


New Videos

Two new Modern Witch vids

and also here is a video i made of denver's BONGO FURY, these guys are awesome.

Saut dans le vide

Find the void. Find the void. Find the void.


ROJO®ictus sweet karoshi

I have 6 collages in this new magazine/ book printed in Barcelona.


ROJO® is an independent creative consortium founded in 2001, dedicated exclusively to the promotion and support of the contemporary artists and artworks. Its headquarters are in Barcelona (Spain), and creative centers in Milano (Italy) and São Paulo (Brazil). ROJO® generates cultural and creative networks, developing and coordinating collaborative projects and events, hosting exhibitions in the ®artspace global network, broadcasting audiovisual art through its online TV channel and a DVD collection, publishing a collection of monographic art books by uprising artists, and last but not least, the nexus of it all, the one of a kind world class text-less art magazine, composed entirely of exclusive art contributions, open for all artists to participate, and distributed in selected bookstores around the globe.

ROJO® is a worldwide organization, interacting directly with the most talented artists from around the world, and networking with ROJO® associated directors locally in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, India, Japan, South Korea, China, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

this issue
featuring artwork by:

Luke Stephenson
Anna Taratiel
Jim Yeow
Muu Blanco
Charles Wilkin
Bruno 9li
Luis M. Fernandes
Evgeny Kiselev
Amir H. Fallah
Luca Gabino
Andreas Banderas
Philippe Jusforges
Ece Kalabak
Roberto Delgado
Silvia Kopp
Virginie Thorel
Nacho Tatjer
Anna Thereza de Menezes
Rosa Lykiardopoulos
Sylvia Stølan
Paulo Quirino
Jens Paldam
Carlos Herrera
Michele Castagnetti
Lena Szczesna
Mario Zoots
Robert Hardgrave
Manuel Granados
Pau Lamuà
Samantha Magowan
Noa Schnall
Katrin Korfman
Mikel A. Telleria


Sonic Bonk Halloween Special detail

The ongoing Sonic Bonk magazine, we're trying to release this bi-monthly, and here are some close ups of the pages from this month's issue. email me for a copy. thanks to this month's contributing artists Keenan Marshall Keller and David Magdaleno.