Sonic Bonk Halloween Special

out now on Drippy Bone Books.
Limited edition.
featuring art by
Keenan Marshall Keller
David Magdaleno
Mario Zoots


Busy Beaver

Still staying busy, still working on lots of new stuff. Here is a flyer i made for my good friends BDRMPPL.

And some new stuff.


and now a word from our sponsers...

Oct. 20th Denver Zine Library Silent art auction. I will be donating some are to this, the Denver Zine Library is an awesome place, and a real gem in the Denver DIY scene. Come support them, they rule. Also the new 2009 DZL calendar will be done, artwork by SWEK, Travis Egedy, Sarah Slater, Stranger Bulge and more!

Also Modern Witch playing a show this sunday at GLOB along with Hog Splitter, Temples and Mythical Beast!!!