Garage Magazine #13

It was last year, and i published a zine titled Nom de Plume, it was a mixture of collage, drawings and my photography from L.A, NY and Denver. I printed about 100 of these zines and passed them along to many friends and contacts. I mailed one copy to Garage magazine, which is based in Italy, in response to a article they had recently published about Regal. I was excited to become in contact with the editor of Garage magazine, Stefano. We started talking and soon we had the idea of doing a piece on the SWS crew. It would of not been possible with out the help of Kristy F. With my stories and her beautiful writing the article came out great. It was supposed to be released in January, but after some problems and lots of time it finally was published and printed this last week. So here is the article, i think it's hard to find these, im not sure of the circultaion it gets here in the states but I know our local bookstore, Tattered Cover carries them randomly and only orders a few copies. Enjoi -Mario Zoots

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