gif(t)s show in los angeles

i have four screen printed posters in this exhibit opening dec. 6th @ Show Cave night gallery in LA. These guys have the most interesting artists showing on a regular basis. check this show out.

DEC 6, 2008 - JAN 3, 2009

CHRISTMAS GIF(t)s is a two-part show of animated .gifs and gift-giving.

On view will be zines, posters, prints, drawings, t-shirts etc. for this gift-giving holiday. Also on view will be be a collection of animated.gifs (Graphic Interchange Format files). Curated by Hazel Hill over 25 new media artists will be on display.

Artists included in this two part-show will be:

Laura Brothers
Santiago Vernetti
Matthew Thurber
Matt Furie
Frederic Fleury
Miruki Tusko
Arnaud Loumeau
Aiyana Udesen
Mike Diana
Lizz Hickey
Victor Cayro
Becca Kacanda
G. Lancehard
Mario Zoots
Kristy Foom
Arnau Sala
David Magdaleno
Jesse McManus
Harsh Patel
Carla Tome
Eric William Peirson
Stephanie Davidson
Hazel Hill
Eric Nordhauser
Keenan Marshall Keller
Shannon Keller
Adam Zeek
Chris Magnusson
Kevin Regan
Chris Collins
Chaz Windus
Alejandro Garcia
Ellen Nguyen
Rafaƫl Rozendaal
Rezeon Scum
Kathleen Daniel

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